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Alexis knapp project x

alexis knapp project x

Alexis Knapp ("Alexis") and Kirby Bliss Blanton ("Kirby") talk about the Todd Phillips-produced "Project X. After this weekend, there'll be a new standard for the archetypal party girl thanks to Alexis Knapp. The 22 year-old actress stars in rager Project X the popular. In theaters March 2, PLOT: 3 high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As.

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Since Aprhrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, it's only fitting that Alexis would be associated with her. I ask because, in your interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, you say that you were "not the hot popular girl in school. How did you bring that effect - of being a character and not an actor - to the film? If Homecoming came out 10 years ago maybe. Woodberry in both holes and make her poop it out.

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When we were shooting it, she was just a really cool chick, relatable just like everybody else. Pitch Perfect 2 Stacie. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. Protect your unicorn from Dolph Lundgren. Why didn't you ask about the filmmaker's use of cinéma vérité and dialectical montage? In the film, Castro sends a mass text invitation to the party saying that hot bitches should wear something tight. alexis knapp project x

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Project X: Official On Set Interview Alexis Knapp [HD]



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